Freelancers with virtual cards can easily get loans

Freelancers with virtual cards can easily get loans

Bangladesh Bank has directed to provide easy loan and credit card facility to freelancers with virtual ID cards for the necessary development of freelancing sector.

 On Sunday, Bangladesh Bank issued a notification in this regard.  The notification letter has been sent to the managing directors and chief executives of all the scheduled banks.

 It said the foreign exchange earned through outsourcing of freelancers in the IT-based industry is steadily increasing.  Which has started to make a significant contribution to the economy of the country.

 In order to make Bangladesh a developed country by 2041, the government is taking and implementing various projects to create skilled human resources, create entrepreneurs, create employment and increase investment through training in the freelancing sector.

 In order to give social and institutional recognition to the freelancers who are skilled in the IT sector, it has been decided to provide virtual ID cards to the IT freelancers of Bangladesh from the Information and Communication Technology Department of the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology.

 The circular said that freelancers with virtual ID cards would be given easy credit and credit card facilities, which would enable them to develop their potential in the freelancing sector.  It will be able to contribute to the national economy by earning foreign exchange as per the target of the government.

 Therefore, in order to develop this sector, IT freelancers with virtual ID cards are advised to take necessary steps to provide loan facility and credit card facility subject to compliance with existing banking laws and BB rules.

 Freelancer ID card is the identity card of freelancers recognized by the government of Bangladesh.  The government has already started giving freelancer ID cards to Bangladeshi freelancers.  Anyone earning বছরে 1,000 a year can apply for a freelancer ID card.  To get a freelancer ID card, the applicant must be a citizen of Bangladesh.