Inauguration of the permanent Shaheed Minar in France

Senior Reporter Dhaka

Inauguration of the permanent Shaheed Minar in France
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France Correspondent :
The permanent Shaheed Minar has been inaugurated on the International Mother Language Day on February 21, 2021 in Toulouse, the famous pink city of France. Bangladeshi Community Association Toulouse, France, limited in corona epidemic restrictions; Various organizations including Ayeba and WBO paid homage to the language martyrs with flowers at the Shaheed Minar.
The much-coveted Bahasa Martyr Memorial has been built in collaboration with the Bangladeshi Community Association Toulouse, France the Honorable Mayor of Toulouse Jean Luk Moudenc and the City Council.
Hon'ble Mayor of Toulouse Jean Luk Moudenc and President of Bangladeshi Community Association Toulouse, France Fakrul Acom Selim inaugurated the Shaheed Minar at 10 am on that day at Parc Claifront, Bellefontaine.
Also present at the occasion were SM Mahbubul Alam, Minister for Politics Affairs of the Bangladesh Embassy in Paris, Kazi Enayet Ullah, Secretary General of the All European Bangladesh Association (AEBA) and President of the World Bangladesh Organization (WBO), Zhanna Martin, Administrative Director of WBO, Deputy Mayors Christophe Alves and Jean Claude Dardelet, Shahid Minar design engineer Bernard Valentin, Franz Schneider and others.
Speaking at the inauguration of the Shaheed Minar, Kazi Enayet Ullah said, ''In 1952, in exchange for the sacrifices of the great language martyrs, we not only regained our Bengali language rights, but also broke the shackles of subjugation and got an independent state and flag. By setting up a permanent Shaheed Minar in France, the French will be able to know the heritage and dignity of our Bengali language, just as our next generation who grew up in this country will cherish the glory of the mother tongue with respect.''
In his inaugural address, Fakrul Acom Selim said, ''All those who have assisted me in the construction of the Shaheed Minar here in an effort to connect the Bengali language and culture with the mainstream of the French language and culture, share in this honor and glory. I believe that this will further enhance the status of Bengali language in exile.''