The name Bangabandhu has merged with the minds of the people of Bangladesh: Hasan Iqbal

Senior Reporter, Dhaka

The name Bangabandhu has merged with the minds of the people of Bangladesh: Hasan Iqbal
Photo: Hasan Iqbal (Collected)

Italy Correspondent:

This is the dream that Bangabandhu had for Bangladesh but he saw it in 1947 during the partition. He was able to instill in the hearts of every Bengali at that time the consciousness he had created for the liberation of the Bengalis. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was acquitted of the Agartala case along with others on 22 February 1969. The next day, on the 23rd, the Central Student Struggle Council organized a public meeting in his honor at the Racecourse Maidan in Dhaka (now Suhrawardy Udyan). Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of our nation and the architect of Bangladesh, was given the title of "Bangabandhu" in that conference of about one million people.

On Tuesday (February 24), Hasan Iqbal, general secretary of the Italian Awami League, called on his mobile phone.

Hasan Iqbal said, "It does not matter to our generation who obeys Bangabandhu and who does not." Bangabandhu is the father of our nation and he is the architect of our country. This is the real issue for our generation. His place in history has been written in gold letters. We don't think about who obeyed and who didn't. It is no longer a matter of speech. Today we are the citizens of an independent country under the leadership of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu. He dreamed of this Bangladesh. He was a world-class great leader. There is no comparison. We got freedom because he was born. If he had not been born, we would still be enslaved in Pakistan. Those who do not obey the father of our nation or cannot hold his ideology in their bosom should leave Bangladesh. Many of us have seen Bangabandhu face to face, many have touched him and seen that he is still alive. We young people could not touch him, we could not see him face to face, but we saw his video footage and heard his speech. It seems to me that holding Bangabandhu spiritually and touching him is the same thing. I doubt whether we can contain even 10% of the ideological thinking that Bangabandhu had about this Bangladesh. In our neighboring countries but they have made some nice commercial movies with national figures of history. This creates a vibe in the young people there whenever they watch all those movies. But it goes without saying that there is no example of this in our country. We also need to make some such movies in our country so that the younger generation can get an idea of ​​the true ideological consciousness of the father of our nation.